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What started as a secret family recipe has now become an island wide favorite!


When Jennifer, owner of Sweet Bites by Seasonal Delights was looking for something special to create in her spare time and looking at the seemingly flooded market of heavy cakes, rum cakes and the like she thought to herself, why not do carrot cakes?


Now, over 20 years later she is still going strong! With cakes being sent to North America, England, Jamaica and Central America to name a few, Jennifer's carrot cakes have

cranberry scones? whatever is baking you can be assured it's made fresh with the best and freshest ingredeiances available.


Fancying just a slice? Then why not visit one of participating retail partners and pick up a slice!


Our treats can be found at China Village, The Bodden Town Pirates Caves or ordered directly from us by using our online order form or emailing us from or contact page.

garnered it's own following both on island and abroad.


All of her pastries are made to order to ensure the freshest goodies possible. Sweet Bites are available for catering for parties, office and family gatherings, socials and more.


Sweet Bites by Seasonal Delights specialize in Carrot Cakes, Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Mouse Cakes and all flavors of Rum Cakes.


Browse our website to see whatís baking in Jenniferís oven today, maybe itís our famous carrot cake or a fresh batch of tangerine